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The mission of is to help the vision impaired regain and maintain their independence through adaptive technologies, or vision aids.


Synergy Vision of Northern California and Visual Aid Services of Southern California are a father-son team, working together to bring you and 27 years of combined experience in the vision aid industry.


Our goal is to help a million people read and write. To meet that goal, we work closely with our customers to ensure that the product they select best suits their individual needs. We strive to distinguish ourselves from the rest by stressing the importance of after sale support. We provide training, support and service from the day of purchase to the day the product no longer suits the buyer’s needs.


Synergy Vision, in Northern California, was founded in April of 2004 by Yuri Drell to bring the best technology, support, and service to the low vision and blindness community possible.


Visual Aid Services Inc., is a service and sales center located in Southern California. Leo Drell was a service manager at VTEK for 11 years before starting Visual Aid Services in 1991. Visual Aid Service’s has brought you quality service, and integrity you can count on for close to 20 years.


Now, father and son bring you two generations of CCTV experience to provide the best service, products, and training possible.


We take a great deal of pride in helping our wonderful customers. Synergy Vision and Visual Aid Services have collectively served over 20,000 customers worldwide. We are dedicated to challenging ourselves to do better everyday and will continue to do so for our wonderful customers. Here we work together to bring you, a constant expanding resource for the low vision and blindness community.

11 Responses to “About Us”

  • Laura Bierma, Riverside County Office of Education:

    Leo has been one of our venders for visual equipement for many years. He has bent over backwards to accommodate the needs of our students and repairs all the equipement we have purchased from him (and more). If you want a business that takes care of everything surrounding your particular visual need, look no further. We would recommend Help with Vision to anyone dealing with visual impairments.

  • Craig Massar:

    Visual Ad Services is unique! I learned about Visual Ad Services about 20 years ago when my first CTV/Magnification unit (“Vantage”) required repair and the manufacture (T.S.I.) was no longer supporting service for my unit. Over the years I have come to respect and trust V. A. S. I obtained my later CCTVs and recommended my mother to V. A. S. (who purchased a used CCTV) and as well as to anyone who could benefit having this technology.What separates Visual Aid Services from anyone else is the service. They can come to you, pick-up the unit, and lend you a loaner. Try functioning without it. It’s hard! In almost all cases (including myself before V. A. S.), I had to figure out a way to get the unit to the repair location. I am visually impaired, and this was quite a project. You will be glad you called.

  • Kasandra, NY:

    I purchased a Versa+ from Yuri a few weeks ago for a friend. I played with almost alll the features when I received it but did not get around to trying the connect to TV view until much later. When I did try to connect the device to the TV it did not work (all manual steps were followed). I called Yuri, unsure if I’d get him to help me at this time, but he absolutely did and even made a call to the primary vendor. Fortunately it all worked out quickly and the Versa + image does appear on the TV (for anyone using it who might run into the same issue, just know in my case the LCD on the Versa+ did not automatically turn off as the manual said it would, just go ahead and press the menu button until the green power light starts to blink then release the menu button, the image should then appear on the tv)

    It was just a relief to get good customer service when I needed it! Yuri was attentive from pre-purchase to post-purchase.

  • Sally Yeager:

    Leo, Thank You for all of your Loving Help with mom’s reading machine over the years.

  • Richard Miller:

    Hello: My name is Richard Miller and I purchased the Clearview magnifier from you for my 94 year old mother who has vision problems. I have received the magnifier and set it up for her. I just wanted to send you a big thank you for this transaction. The unit worked fantastic, your shipping and packaging was the most professional and best I have ever dealt with on EBay. It seems these days people do not take time to give credit for a job well done. You can take pride in the job you do and for having products that help people with vision problems. Again a big thank you to everyone involved in our transaction and you will be my number one source for low vision products if she has a need for any other items. Have A Good Day Richard Miller

  • Bob Mcormick:

    Help with Vision provided amazing care for my sister. Their ability to provide excellent product is coupled with amazing service. However, even morel importantly, they showed compassion for my family in an extraordinary way.

  • Jim Peak:

    I first found out about HelpWithVision in May, 2011, when I was trying to find a manual for a somewhat-unusual vision product- and it was one that I had not even purchased from them.

    Even though I’d bought it elsewhere, Yuri called me back personally, and offered to help in any way he could. He talked with me about the product (it was a video magnifier), and was very helpful. In the end, the problem was solved.

    I contacted HelpWithVision a few months later, in July 2011, to see if they could find a small part for another vision item- one that I had bought used- and that was missing the part (a cable). This part was certainly not going to earn them much, if any, money- because it was only a 20$ or so part, and they were going to need to find one, and then special order it.

    Again, however, Yuri gave the situation personal attention, and he found & shipped me the exact item that I needed. It took a fair amount of his time- and this was for only a small, low-or-no profit item. EXCELLENT service.

    Now, today, when I’ve come across another question, I have NO hesitation about going to them first. The fact that they CARE, and will do whatever they can to help, has come across consistently in all of our dealings.

    My impression of Help With Vision is that they are just as they describe on their site: people doing business who really CARE about what they’re doing, and about the people that they’re helping- they’re NOT just in it to make money. Thanks !!

  • Isla Sanchez:

    Los Angeles County Office of Education has had the good fortune of having the high-quality technical services of Leo Drell for over a decade. He has been our source of repair and maintenance for Vision Services and Braille Production Unit. From Perkins writers to embossers and hi-tech machines, his work has been outstanding and guaranteed to our satisfaction. He is a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Leo, and may you prosper for many more years!
    Isla Sanchez
    Dec. 19, 2011

  • Joe Bourgoin LACOE LOC cert transcriber:

    Help with Vision has been the supplier of adaptive vision equipment and serviced all the equipment in the Los Angeles County Office of Education VI department since I have worked here. All equipment is delivered, setup, and we are inserviced on its use by one of the staff from help with vision. When new equipment come on the market, Leo or Yuri have been great at giving demonstrations on anything we’re interested in. I hope we will always have access to the resource Help with vision has been to us.

  • LeAnne Noall:

    I am so grateful to know about Help with vision. I am so happy with the products Leo sold to me. It makes such a difference in my life, A + service and they care.

  • LeAnne Noall:

    I am so grateful to know about Help with vision. I am so happy with the products Leo sold to me. He brought equipment to my home to try until I found what works best for me. He was patient and caring. It makes such a difference in my life, I wish all service companies could be this good. Thank you so much!,

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